Pure Pitch Method Review

Pure Pitch Method website www.purepitchmethod.com

Before considering Pure Pitch Method it is important to know that this package is not a learn to sing course.  Pure Pitch Method does contain elements and techniques that are used by singers however this package is a helpful tool for singers who are looking to develop their sense of perfect pitch.  This course is based on the premise that perfect pitch can be taught and is not an ability that certain people are born with.  The development of perfect pitch by a singer has many advantages which are covered in the content of Pure Pitch Method.

This package has been designed by Ryan Cameron who has provided a well structured lesson plan that slowly moves the student through each of the skills that are introduced at each level of the course.  The benefits of developing perfect pitch as a vocalist include being able to name notes and chords by ear, tell if a note is sharp or flat and even be able to play or sing music or songs by ear.  This course helps in the development of these abilities as well as teaching some important music theory which is important to understand the course material.

Pure Pitch Method is available as a download once you have paid and registered with the website.  The course is 540MB in size so people with slower internet connections may take some time to download the total course.  The package consists of 39 audio lessons and a 120 page manual which contains an outline of the audio lessons, some supplemental information and also all the exercises that the audio lessons feature.  The audio lessons make up a large part of the course and are quite good quality.  Ryan does most of the speaking in the audio lessons and it is easy to follow as he goes through each of the lessons.  The lessons are designed to teach and to also challenge you as the lessons progress and get a little harder.

One of the only criticisms with Pure Pitch Method is the size of the package download.  The audio files are good quality but should be compressed to make the files much smaller and quicker to download.  Apart from that an a few little technical things Pure Pitch Method is a great tool for singers who are looking for some extra skills to enhance their vocal skills.

For more information check the website www.purepitchmethod.com