Piano For All Review

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Many learn to play systems for piano are very much book or manual based learning and many of these resources are difficult to stay interested in as they focus too much on the technical stuff and exercises rather than moving the student to learn popular music.  To increase the appeal of learning to play the piano, Piano For All has been created as a course that combines workbook lessons with computer based visual and audio elements.  Using the different elements makes the course easier to understand and follow as the video lessons guide the student through the examples and through the lessons.  Piano For All has been designed by piano teacher and artist Robin Hall and is targeted specifically at beginner piano players of all ages.

The bulk of the information for each of the lessons is contained in the 10 eBooks that make up the Piano For All course.  Each of these books has video and audio demonstrations and exercises which are linked through the eBooks.  The lessons start with a good foundation of parts of the piano and understanding how chords work and when used in order the eBooks gradually introduce new skills which are then practised mastered.  One of the better features of the lesson exercises is that once you have passed the initial couple of lessons then popular music is introduced to make the exercises more interesting.

One of the best qualities of this program is that you don’t need a degree in IT to be able to use the eBooks, the lessons or the video and audio examples.  To make the lessons run smoothly each of the video and audio links are right there on the page and only require a click to view the relevant file.  Other positive features of this course is the amount of information that you receive when purchasing Piano For All.  The lessons are very comprehensive and the size of the course is half a gig so it is important that you have room on your computer for the whole course.  Piano For All includes a piano resource book (eBook 10) which contains loads of information, tips and exercises which supplement the lessons.

Piano For All is a great overall course for people looking for a computer based course to learn the piano.  This program has many positive features such as the interesting lessons, the easy to use format and the extras that you get when purchasing this piano course.

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