Perfect Pitch Super Course Review

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Perfect Pitch Super Course is not your typical learn to sing multimedia course.  What Perfect Pitch teaches is specialised techniques designed to train your ears in the art of perfect pitch.  This course does not actually teach you how to sing however the techniques that are covered in these lessons provide you with great skills that can help improve your singing.  The course has been designed by David Lucas Burge and features many skills and techniques that involve developing perfect pitch not just for singers but other musicians including keyboard players, pianists and guitarists.  The benefit of singers and musicians learning the perfect pitch techniques can improve sight reading skills, develop skills such as singing notes from memory, identifying the songs key and improving confidence and music appreciation.  This course is currently available as a third edition and is based on over 20 years of development and learning.

The Perfect Pitch course has quite a few features and includes 8 audio CDs which contain the main teaching and learning sessions as well as a bonus CD and work book.  The audio lessons are conducted by David Burge who does most of the talking and comes across as a great teacher.  One of the best features of this course is the structure that the lessons follow, the course is very well organised and focuses on key elements that are explained clearly and built on with each lesson completed.  The key to getting the most out of this course is to make sure that you don’t rush through the lessons and for people who are taking the course as a vocalist it is advised that you have an instrument such as a key board to help with some of the exercises.

Another great feature of the Perfect Pitch Super Course is that if you follow the course and invest the required time to work through the exercises then it is guaranteed that you will notice a difference or improvement in your pitch.   For people who may be a little sceptical about the course there is a money back guarantee which offers a full refund for people who are not satisfied.  The website for Perfect Pitch does suggest that everyone is different when it comes to learning new skills and some people will learn the skills much quicker than others.

This course is excellent for people looking at learning the art of perfect pitch.  If you are looking for a learn to sing course keep searching as this course covers only the skills involved with developing perfect pitch.

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