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Stick Technique Review

Stick Technique website

Stick Technique is an eBook styled resource for beginner and intermediate drummers who are looking for a course that covers the basics of drumming right down to the correct way to hold the sticks.  The website for Stick Technique is atrocious with annoying pop ups, horrible colours and blinking animations but if your persevere and we recommend that you do the eBook that makes up the Stick Technique course is quite good.  The eBook has been written by Australian drummer Jim McCarthy who has over 20 years of teaching experience as well as holding a few music degrees and also drumming for numerous bands.  McCarthy has published a few other drum related courses and developed Stick Technique to focus more on drumming basics and developing good habits for beginner drummers.

The Stick Technique eBook is substantial at 106 pages and is well put together with diagrams and pictures to illustrate what is being taught.  The eBook covers 6 sections with each section building on the skills that are taught in the previous chapters.  The way that the eBook is written is quite good and McCarthy does a great job at explaining in detail why and how things are done such as body position while playing, different grip types and drumming dynamics.  Overall this eBook has some great information such as the chapter at the end of the book that details techniques for visual effect and showmanship such as twirling and spinning your sticks.  Anyone who is new to the drums should consider getting a copy of Stick Technique as many of the skills taught will help you to develop good solid skills and good drumming habits while you are learning to play the drums.

As well as the Stick Technique eBook there are a few extra features that are available in the website members area.  The best extra that is available is a free drumming technique consultation.  This is done easily by uploading a video of your drum playing and Jim providing feedback on your playing.  The members area also has some video lessons that are quite good in terms of content however the resolution is not the best.  The last extra that is available to members is a drum solo that you can learn as an exercise.

Stick Technique is an excellent resource for beginner and intermediate drummers.  The eBook is comprehensive and focuses on the basics which is important for all drum players especially beginners.  Stick Technique is great when used alongside other video drum courses.