Beginner Guitar System Review

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For beginner guitarists looking for a system that covers all the basics as well as providing material that will keep you interested and challenged then this guitar system may suit your needs.  The Beginner Guitar System has been created by guitarist and teacher Nate Savage who has had plenty of experience with over 16+ years playing and teaching guitar.  The lessons are all featured on a collection of DVDs and exercises and lessons are also featured in the included workbook.  This beginner guitar system has been developed for use by beginners but also has excellent sections on chords, rhythm and guitar theory that are also suited to intermediate guitarists.

The Beginner Guitar System is a complete guitar playing course and includes in the pack a work book which supplements the lessons, a poster which features guitar chords, 4 DVDs of video lessons, 2 DVDs which feature 10 songs to learn, CDs which contain backing tracks for the play along songs and a CD which works as a metronome.

The work book supplied with the Beginner Guitar System is an illustrated manual that is designed as a reference for the student while using the DVD video lessons.  The great thing about this work book is that it contains extra material as well as what is covered in the video lessons.  The work book should be used while viewing the video lesson as the relevant page numbers are displayed on the screen so you can follow the lesson through the work book.

The lessons are divided up onto 4 DVDs and take you through each of the lessons and included exercises step by step.  An excellent aspect of this course is that it starts with all of the basics such as how to hold the guitar, equipment that you will need as well as important things such as how the tune the guitar and change strings.  The video presentation of each lesson is excellent especially when showing fingering close ups and the lessons feature guitar tab and music which is useful for people who are complete beginners at both the guitar and reading music.

The extra play along songs that are contained in the Beginner Guitar System are a great idea as you have something to aim for while completing the course.  The 10 tracks are featured like the course video lessons and once you have mastered them you can play with or without the guitar or metronome or just with the backing band.

This course is a refreshing change from all the poor quality guitar courses on the internet.  The Beginner Guitar System is a great package for anyone looking to the internet for lessons on how to play the guitar.

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